A Schaltbau Company

Certification for welding of rail vehicles and components: DIN EN 15085-2

Since 2009 our Velden works have been CL4 certified (manufacturers without own welding production) according to DIN EN 15085-2. Schaltbau could prove that it is qualified for welding rail vehicles and components in accordance with certification level CL1 as regards construction, procurement, installation and resale of welded parts. During February of 2015 the re-certification audit was conducted by DVS ZERT, the accredited certification authority, and successfully passed by Schaltbau without deviations.

Schaltbau had to prove that it could meet the following requirements:

  • Holding an appropriate welding licence
  • Employment of a technical supervisor responsible for welding matters (welding coordinator)
  • Application of organisational checks and controls, including work and process guidelines
  • Monitoring the suppliers’ ability to fulfil their obligations