A Schaltbau Company

Certification for adhesive bonding: DIN 6701-2

Since October 2012 our plant in Velden has been certified in accordance with DIN 6701-2 – “adhesive bonding in railway vehicle manufacture”. The aim of this standard is to raise awareness in the use of adhesive bonding and guarantee the quality of the components produced. In accordance with this standard, manufacturers of railway vehicles or their components are required to provide evidence of a corresponding authorisation. In order to obtain this authorisation, the German Federal Railway Authority names a certifying body to carry out a company inspection including technical discussions. The following requirements had to be met:

  • Sufficient qualification of the company
  • Two persons responsible for supervising bonding operations
  • Required qualification of the supervisors involved
  • The bonding staff is sufficiently qualified
  • Constructive evidence of the class of the adhesive bonding is provided
  • Required work and testing instructions are available
  • Suitable working equipment is available