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 Schaltbau Connections - All from one source
A10 Modular Connectors, M1 and M3 series
A10-m Manual, M series
A20 Modular Connectors, G and GM series
A25 Circular connectors to indutry standard, GA series
A30 Circular connectors for special applications, SB series
A30-m Manual, SB series
A58 Connectors for audio technology, NF07 and NF10 series
A59 Flyer 4 Pole Battery Connectors, NF04 BL0 series
A84 Charging connectors, LV series
A84-m Manual, LV series
A841 Multifunctional adapters for LV160 and LV320 Series charging connectors
A86  Charging Connectors, LV500 series
F118 Connectors for data communication in rail vehicles, UIC-IT series
F118-m Manual, connectors UIC-IT series
F120 Connectors to UIC 558
F120-m Manual, Connectors to UIC 558
F121 Connectors to UIC 541-5, EP series
F122 Connectors to UIC 552, ZH series
F122-m Manual, Connectors to UIC 552, ZH series
F160 Connectors for rail vehicles, B series
F160-m Manual, Connectors B series

Safety instructions

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STV-M Safety instructions