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Portable driver desk

PDD-100 - portable driver console for driverless metro trains
PDD-100 - portable driver console for driverless metro trains

Portable driver console PDD-100 for driverless metro trains

Today’s metros the world over are operated more and more driverless. That is to say, they need no driver desk any longer. But in case of a train dead on the tracks that defies remote control as well as in case of maintenance work a real driver desk would come in handy. And that is what
SPII offers you.

The portable driver console PDD-100 can be connected via plug and play and is immediately ready for use. Like IntelliDesk, the console is modular and scalable and comes with all operating elements and subsystems fully integrated, so there is no need of wiring.


  • Removable and portable, all subsystems already integrated
  • Interactive touch screen HMI for data communication with the TCMS
  • Separate console fitted with operating elements, display panels
    and audible feedback
  • Master controller/Brake controller with integrated dead-man function
  • Train radio display
  • Emergency stop switch (mushroom)

Other Recommendations


IntelliDesk is an innovative communications and wiring concept for system
integration inside a driver’s desk.


Operating and display elements

Master/brake controller, touch screen HMI,
rotary, keylock, emergency switches, push buttons,
microphone, loudspeaker, indicators, braking condition display, others, customized

Interfaces (optional)

USB / Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps /
RS232 / RS422 + RS 485 / CAN bus /
MVB – EMD bus @ 1 Mbps IEC 61375 /
Profibus @12 Mbps





Temperature range

- 30 °C ... + 70 °C


UIC 612-0 (following), EN 50155, EN 60068-2-1, IEC 61373, EN 11170-3