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DC power contactors for central inverters

DC power contactors are needed to reliably interrupt the current during shutdown of central inverters in grid connected solar power systems.
The quality of a contactor is decided by how well it tackles electrical arcing at high voltages. Schaltbau DC contactors are true masters in extinguishing the arc.

With decades of experience in railway engineering, Schaltbau has realised sophisticated solutions and developed reliable power contactors for power plants.

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As DC specialist for all voltage ranges, Schaltbau has developed the first solar contactor that meets the requirements of the UL and IEC 60947-3 standards. The electric arc, which forms when the contacts open, is extinguished extremely fast by the double pole CU Series contactors. This results in less contact wear and a longer life. The contactors are designed for handling currents from 50 A up to 1,000 A and are typically used as main switches for central inverters in PV systems.