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June 2015

Solutions for safety-related applications

Experience over many decades paired with high expertise in manufacturing connectors, contactors and snap-action switches enables us to respond flexibly to customer needs. Dependent on your requirements, you can choose between three possible solutions: A finished item from our product line, a tried and tested special variant with little need of adaptation, or a completely new product developed by us in close cooperation with you.

Failsafe switches from Schaltbau

All series of Schaltbau snap-action switches with positive opening operation. VDE, UL and CCC approved, the failsafe switches have proven their worth time and again in all safety-related applications. Their positive opening mechanism guarantees reliable separation of contacts even if they have become welded together due to a short circuit. As safety switches they are an integral part of safety hinges of doors and gates or of interlocked barrier guards designed for the protection of operating personnel and equipment.

Mastering direct currents reliably

Schaltbau contactors range from contactors for battery voltages to contactors handling voltages up to 1,500 V. Professional starters equipped with C100 Series battery contactors from Schaltbau are capable of supplying a starting power of 1,400 A. And Schaltbau CT Series power contactors are ideally suited for use in test systems for high-voltage batteries of electric cars.

Schaltbau modular circular connectors

The M Series connectors from Schaltbau are designed for safety and reliability in harsh environments. Used for tunnel lights, for example, they must be capable of coping with the harsh conditions as they are prevailing in tunnels and underpasses.

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