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Solutions for safety-related applications

Schaltbau GmbH will be exhibiting its complete range of products designed for safety-related applications at this year‘s Hanover trade fair (April 13 – 17).

Our trade fairs in 2015

If you like to catch up on our products and solutions, on these trade fairs you will find us.

Competition at Schaltbau booth

Three lucky winners drawn.

Cable harness for multi-traction operation of Class ICx EMUs

Special solution for multi-traction operation of Class ICx EMUs

Schaltbau highlights

DC Battery Contactors

High Performance for High-capacity Stackers

Getting you safely to your destination

Customized master controllers for trams.

Rugged and temperature resistant

Lighting connectors M Series

Charging connector LV-HPC

With the new LV-HPC series, the Schaltbau charging connectors satisfy the requirements of DIN VDE 0623-589 for a high current-carrying capacity.

Designed for use under extreme conditions

S970 Series snap-action switches in the Heidelberg presses